Nayakas – Vijayanagara Empire Board Game

“Kereyum kattisu, baviyum savesu, devagaram madi, sajjereyolu silukida anatharannu rakshisu” (Build tanks, dig wells, make temples and protect those orphans caught in the vicious circle) – Old Vijayanagara Empire saying.

Nayakas is an asymmetric worker placement board game for 2-4 players that was designed as part of the Zenobia Award contest in 2021.


In 1336, Vijayanagara, one of the largest Hindu empires, was brought to life. Since its establishment, it gradually captured all of South India, and stood undefeated in all its grandeur.

However, 230 years later, its legacy was cut short. It is now the year 1565.

At the Battle of Talikota, the four Deccan Sultanates combined forces, provoking the downfall of the Vijayanagara Empire.

After its fall, the Nayakas (rulers) of its small territories set about to establish their independence. As the only remnants of a once-dominant empire, they seek to rebuild the lost heritage and start anew. With the construction and renovation of every temple or water tank, the Nayakas raise hope among the South Indians, helping them regain what was lost in the Sultanate invasion.

Draft Game Board Illustration


As a Nayaka of Keladi, Madurai, Mysore or Thanjavur, take your own kingdom to glory by building or renovating temples, or building water tanks and forts. The player with the most Prestige Points wins the game.

Draft Keladi Nayaka Illustration

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