My Games

I started playing modern board games in March 2020. Thank you COVID-19 pandemic. I was also inspired to design some board games and decided to enter some game design contests.

This is the collection of the games that I designed or co-designed.

  1. 12 Parsecs

    12 Parsecs Logo
    This game is a Roll and Write and was my entry to the world of Board Game design. The game was designed as an entry in the Story Machine Games Design 2020 contest. And it won first place.

    You can find the game on Board Game Geek – 12 Parsecs on BGG.

  2. Island Empire

    Island Empire Logo - small
    This game is a Roll and Write too, inspired by the Age of Empires game series. The game was designed as an entry in the 4th Roll & Write Game Design Contest on BGG.

    You can find the game on Board Game Geek – Island Empire on BGG.

  3. Treasure Go: India

    A card-based game in which you need to collect treasures from some of the historic places in India. This game was entered in a game design jam contest organized by Manchester Game Studies Network. You can find the free Print and Play components on

  4. Roll n Feed

    Another game that won a prize. This time it was a 2-Day Game Jam organized by Needy Cat Games.

    You can check a trailer video I created.

    Roll n Feed is a lite roll & write game meant for families to play together. As the head of an animal shelter, you must provide the dogs, cats, and birds with their food on time. Some volunteers will give you a helping hand. Roll the dice, feed the pets, and be the best animal shelter owner. You can read the details of the game jam results on the Needy Cat Games blog.

  5. Sheep Vice

    This is a card drafting game that can be played by kids and adults alike. In this game, you must get the right group of bad sheep together to form your own gang on the farm. You get to choose the right sheep that you must play at each turn. Select the bad sheep to earn points based on their face value. You need to get the right combination at each turn to outsmart your fellow players.

    You can read more about the game on The GameCrafter site.

  6. Konkan Trail